2020: A Year of Reading in Pictures

In mid-December I released My Best Books of 2020. These are the books that made a deep impression on me and ones I would highly recommend.

However, in an immensely strange year where being holed up home was the norm, I took comfort from the fact that it was richly rewarding in terms of reading – both in quantity and quality. I read a total of 71 books, probably more than I did in previous years. Most books I read every month were very good, even if they did not find a place in my year-end list.

So, just like last time, here’s all that I read in 2020 depicted in pictures. I have done monthly posts highlighting my reading this year too, should you want to know more about these books.

2019: A Year of Reading in Pictures

This is more of a post to capture all of the books I read this year…in pictures.

In that sense, it is different from my Best of 2019 list (which I intend to release by mid-December), for which I will pick up the cream of the books from this lot.

It’s an attempt to try a different kind of a post, more so because I love to photograph books as much as I love reading them.

Throughout the year, on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, I had been posting books I read and enjoyed at the end of every month. And so I thought why not collate all this, and put it up on my blog?

So without further ado, click on each picture for a clearer view of the books…

What’s missing is December, which I will add at the end of the month. Also, by then I would have released my Best of 2019 books list.

Happy reading!